Buon Sabato Splendente…con Hey You di SHEENS!

Come ogni sabato vi auguro un buon WE con una canzone che farà tendenza, questa settimana ho scelto “Hey You” di SHEENS, un gruppo di 5 ragazzi provenienti dalla Russia e dalla Ucraina.
E’ il loro primo singolo, e la canzone, così come dice il titolo, illumina tutto!
Il video è stato girato In grandi edifici a Kiev, in Ucraina, ci sono storie su storie, ed alcune di loro si rompono.
Palloncini, nudi, danza, foreste e gelatine la fanno diventare un sound fresco e sperimentale!
Una nuova Shee-ing stella è nata!:D

Good morning!
As every Saturday I wish you a good WE with a song that will trend, this week I chose “Hey You” by sheens.
“Hey You” is the first single by Sheens. Sheens are 5 guys from Ukraine and Russia. Some of them met during the school years, some other came few years later. All grew under the good Rock ‘N ‘Roll star. And that’s why they decided to sing in English, the R’n’R language par excellence. They started from Britpop, but then they completely shook it and added a good dose of synthpop and electro music. Hey you is wonderfully good. It shines, it lights everything up. Just like the name of the band. The video was shot in Kiev, Ukraine. Big buildings and loads of characters: stories on stories that meet and crash. Kids, girls, nudes, forests, globes, balloons, boots, jellies. The remixes succeed to transform the original mix and bring it to new life and new breath. Syke’N’Sugarstarr do not need any presentations, their fresh, uplifting and experimental sound is finely balanced between cool House and absolutely rocking music. “Hey You” shines now under a smooth and clubby skin. COMON is Syke’N’Sugarstarr side project. They literally transformed the song once again. Another incredibly catchy work with deep side voices and rocking beats. Thomas Schwartz & Fausto Fanizza keep following their multiple influences. The remix is a captivating deep house track. Once again they followed their desire for experimentation and they succeded in finding a winning new sound. A new SHEEN-ing star has born.

One thought on “Buon Sabato Splendente…con Hey You di SHEENS!

  1. Concetta, buongiorno, hai sempre una grande “freschezza” nel presentare qualcosa di nuovo e di diverso.
    Quando puoi vai su youtube e digita Fabrizio Tomei poi accedi al suo trailer dal titolo “the longest night” ciao un abbraccio
    lino tomei


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